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Matchup Rules

Match-Up betting: Applies to all series.

When wagering on a match-up, both drivers involved must start the race otherwise the wager is "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" and money is refunded. The start of the race is signified by the lap where the cars have completed the warm up laps and the race begins to countdown. In NO instance will warm up laps be counted for betting purposes. In a case where the starting driver is replaced during the race with another driver from the same team, the position the new driver finishes in will be awarded to the original driver. This holds for wagering on win odds and/or match-ups.

In head to head betting if 2 drivers retire from the race on the first lap then all bets on those drivers will be graded as a push/cancel. Subsequent to the first lap, the final results posted on the official body's website will be used for grading purposes.

Qualifying Matchups - all series:

Qualifying match-ups are graded based on qualifying times (not the starting line-up).

Qualifying match-ups are deemed action as soon as the driver starts the qualifying lap and the timer begins.

If a driver has started the qualifying lap, but does not post a time because of mechanical failure, accident, etc. the wager will still be graded as action.

If the driver fails to start the qualification for any reason (i.e. does not begin the timed qualifying session), then the wager will be graded as no action, and money refunded.

If a driver starts a qualifying session, but fails to post a time, then the driver will be deemed to have no time, which is the slowest time possible. If two drivers are matched up against each other, and neither posts a time, the matchup will be graded as a push/cancel.

In the case where two drivers post the exact same time to the thousandth of a second, then the matchup will be graded as a push/cancel. The starting position where the governing body places them in this instance is not relevant for betting purposes.

For NASCAR only, qualifying matchups are closed at the start of first practice unless a disclaimer is made on the site otherwise. This may occur when practice is the day before qualifying. If a disclaimer is not made, any qualifying bets made after the first practice session has begun will be graded as no action, and the bets will be refunded.